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This is a new category we have inserted to offer our customers project instruments, amplifiers and parts we have in stock.   In addition to having fun building and repairing our own instruments and amps, we encourage our friends to enjoy themselves with new, used and vintage parts and projects from us, for a DIY experience!   Watch for more STUFF here soon!  Stop by to ask us advice or for any part you may have a need for, too.  


You know about our own custom built instruments - well, we are now offering our in house VibraWood Texas Tee style bridges with compensated hollow wall brass saddles for that extra helping of TONE!  These come on some of our custom build VibraWood classic Tone Legend series T's ... hear there here and takle one home (or have us do an installation on your instrument.  WE also offer our ultimate HOT ROD Custom Shop treatment for your USA, Mexican or import instrument.   We can upgrade the shielding, pots, capacitors, wiring and pickups to our exacting specs ...

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