Red Plate custom BlackVerb tube amp

Offered here, is a HUGE sounding RedPlate amp in a relatively small box!

This "Black Verb" is a 1-12 ` 50w tube amp switchable down to 18 watts, if you wish.

RedPlate Amps is one of only a handful of truly custom, hand-wired guitar amplifier manufacturers in the world.   These are designed and manufactured one at a time, in Phoenix, AZ.
​No printed circuit boards, no machine solder joints, only a meticulous attention to detail on each build. 
Every RedPlate is crafted by a single builder who cares about craftsmanship from start to finish.
With impeccable lead dress and an irreproachable mindfulness to layout,
we strive to "first get the cleans right" and genuinely build an "amp that sings".  

This amp was designed for the working musician that wants to play multiple styles with minimal setup time.  It is a true 50 watts (2 6L6) with amazing headroom, stackable overdrive and a musical and luscious tube-driven reverb.  Like all RedPlate amps the BlackVerb is handbuilt, point to point (eyelet board) construction.  Reliable, quiet and ready to rock.  


You have to hear this amp to believe what it's capable of.



  •   6-way Mid Q (mode) Switch - Dial in your mids for everything from a scooped “country” tone to a full on fat “fusion” tone.
  •   Pull Middle knob – Shifts the mids to get a warmer sound akin to a "deep" switch.
  •   Rear Panel Voicing Switches – Humbucker and Smooth Compression switches makes switching your guitar types and playing       styles quick and easy.
  •   3-Way Bright Switch – Two different bright modes give you the flexibility you have always wanted or turn bright off.
  •   Tone Stack Bypass – Turn the Bass knob all the way counter-clockwise and remove the whole tone stack from the circuit to get a       “guitar-straight-to-master volume” path that is clean and powerful.
  •   Drive Shift - Shifts the overdrive tonality to a more aggressive British character.
  •   Level High-Cut - Removes high-end bite, if needed, from the drive channel.
  •   Presence Bypass – Dial in just the right amount of brightness or remove the presence control from circuit for more bright tone
      with more output.
  •   Tube tank-type reverb – Can be turned off to create more headroom by removing it from the circuit.
  •   Tube Serial Effects Loop – Most useful effects loop out there – even adds to the tone when no external effects are used.
  •   Fixed / Cathode Switch (external test point and adjustment)
  •   Hi / Lo Power switch (50 watts / 18 watts)
  •   3-Button Foot switch – The footswitch lets you choose Mid mode (takes you right to the tweed mode on the 6-way Mid Q), Drive         and Boost using a standard midi cable for easy replacement.


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