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Thanks for taking the time to learn about Guitar Villa. We are made up of musicians that have acquired additional product related skills, outside of the playing and performance realm, after years of experience. We all have product based specialties that span from the set-up of amplifiers for optimum performance, to the selection of wood, for a particular tone. We are here to guide you in your search for the right item to fit your needs.

We hope you become part of our family of satisfied customers. Guitar Villa strives to provide you with EVERY level of product, from high value ENTRY LEVEL instruments, amplifiers, drums & percussion products, recording and sound equipment and accessories, right on up to the BEST high grade dream gear for the discerning player and collector.

We service what we sell (and all other manufacturer’s products too) and have a team of specialized professional repairmen that take the utmost pride in their work. We teach music and songwriting in our progressive music school and want to be your one stop shop for all your musical needs, from beginner to professional. If we don’t have what you want, we will do our best to get it and offer it to you at a great discount price or we will go out of our way to refer you to a trusted competitor that can help.

Our inventory is made up of over 400 hand selected instruments, amps and support gear products from all the major manufacturers for your shopping pleasure. You won’t believe the great selection of products, and caring, honest associates eager to help you with your particular needs. Guitar Villa does not simply push all products from a specific manufacturer, because of a profit, or kickback, based association with them. We constantly search all builders and manufacturers, and look for the best product value (highest quality and lowest price point) at every plateau. Our experience and ability to grade quality is evident in every item we carry, from entry level beginner grade products, right on up through the ranks to instruments exhibiting the utmost in manufacturing skill as well as the best, select exotic woods and hardware.

Your dream instrument may be in stock! This web site is a sampling of our in-stock inventory. Please remember, this is just a portion of our inventory. We cannot list all of our products on this site. We have a very high rate of sale and some items do not ever make the list, as they are sold days or hours from their delivery into our inventory. In some cases, when dealing with very large corporate instrument manufacturers, we are prohibited from listing those items on our web site. If you have already made a decision on your next item purchase, please call or email us with that information. We may have that product in house, or will do our best to aquire it for you, and at the lowest price available! When you buy from us, we professionally set the item up for you – FOR FREE, to allow it to “Play like Butter”, to your particular preference.

Guitar Villa’s shop and business practices have a strong ethical backbone and our policies of fairness and honesty have earned this organization a great reputation worldwide, over the last 18 years. Guitar Villa believes that every item for sale should be discount priced, labeled with that price and that items marked as new should never have been sold previously. Guitar Villa would like to welcome back previous customers and add new ones to our ever growing family of friends. Let us know what we can do to make your musical purchase experience more satisfying. That is our goal!

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