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Why see Guitar Villa for my first instrument and lessons?


Students and beginning players of all ages are always welcome at both Guitar Villa Music School locations.   Most instruments are represented in the program  -  and beginners through accomplished levels of proficiency and welcome.  


Step 1 - The Purchase of a Low cost, but correctly adjusted and set-up instrument or amplifier.


Guitar Villa purchases and takes trade-ins on gently used instruments and amps every day.   When we complete our check-up / tune up process, you get a low cost super value item available. These items go through our shop for extensive testing, cleanup and repair of anything that needs attention, then they are priced very attractively to offer our customers and potential students an alternative to brand new entry level items at twice the price. Some (new) instruments, at other stores and on-line dealers, are not set-up at all or not adjusted correctly.  Some of these instruments are delivered to those dealers brand new - in need of correct adjustment - and it never happens. If the store sells these instruments this way, the student doesn't have a fighting chance to learn successfully, when the instrument is the problem. If you already own, or have just purchased an instrument from another dealer, we will be happy to evaluate it and adjust it for you, prior to your lessons with us.  


Step 2 - Choosing the best place to learn to play your chosen instrument.


Guitar Villa prides itself on over 20 years of successful music student participation in our lesson programs.  The secret to our success is multi faceted Our working director, managers and all associates care about our students success and take the time to advise our customers on the correct instrument and accessory needs to achieve the student goals. We also try to match the student with the best possible instructor to achieve their goal. We pride ourselves in our staff of the absolute best instructors available and they too, truly care about the success of the student. It's not just a job to them, it's an opportunity to make a difference in the development of an individuals talent and future.


Step 3 - Enjoy your new found talent and ability to play your instrument.


Guitar Villa has Open Mic events the last Sunday of each month (see schedule on events page) and students are encouraged to participate, if they like. We also sponsor open and invitational jam event, allowing musicians of all levels to interact with other musicians. There isn't a better way to diversify your talent, musical outlook or experience thank that!  


Stop in today.    We will make your learning experience a pleasure!

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