We have been in business for over 20 years, and our owner / operator, John, has been involved in the music industry, Custom built and and vintage instruments all his life (see "Our Story" under the "About Us" tab) on the Home page bottom.


We are a Custom Shop builder of fine hand crafted custom instruments.  For those that would like to modify their existing instrument, or to build something from scratch, Guitar Villa also supplies our customers with economy priced bodies, necks and any hardware you could want, including (but not limited to) pickups from many quality manufacturers considered to be the top suppliers in the industry.   


You know about our own custom built instruments - well, we are now offering our in house VibraWood Texas Tee style bridges with compensated hollow wall brass saddles for that extra helping of TONE!  These come on some of our custom build VibraWood classic Tone Legend series T's ... hear there here and takle one home (or have us do an installation on your instrument.  WE also offer our ultimate HOT ROD Custom Shop treatment for your USA, Mexican or import instrument.   We can upgrade the shielding, pots, capacitors, wiring and pickups to our exacting specs ...


We are all here to help you find and play the product you need, taking your budget, needs and preferences into careful consideration. 

Our expert advice is FREE to all customers.  Use us as your backbone in product knowledge.  We know woods, electronics, features and construction methods and their effect on tone and playability.  

Want a guitar? - come and talk to us.    Need an amp or personal Sound System? - We are here to guide you.


When you choose to come to us for help, you will be assured that you have been given the attention, respect and consideration you deserve.   Give us your dream specs and we will give you a nice low cost quote on a custom USA made neck or body, made to order.  You can't ask for better service and value than that! 


Locally owned and operated.   We appreciate your visits, business and support. 


Personalize your instrument.

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