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Guitar Villa is proud to be a design / manufacturing partner and the sole distributer of the WISDOM line of custom drums and hardware.  Stop by the store to see and hear this super quality line of drums.

Made from the earth.


The Wisdom Custom Drum Company was formed by a drummer and a bass player. 


Our drum specialist, Rick Dilullo, is also an experienced master carpenter and woodworker and our bass specialist, John J. Slog, has many years experience designing and building classically motivated and high end custom exotic wood basses. 

The design and execution of every hand built custom drum build revolves around tone, resonance, sensitivity and playability. The tone woods used are selected and paired together in much the same way they are in custom instrument design.

We believe in wood and every species selected has it’s particular contribution to the resulting tone and resonance of the finished drum. All come together to make your ownership and playing experience unique. 

Some of the tone woods are native to Pennsylvania in origin and others need to be sourced from world timber supplies, to couple in harmony to achieve a natural beautiful resonance, with the proper voice.


Many of our drums employ tone wood internal custom bent reinforcement hoops that share the bearing edge with the drum core and create a natural and focused tone previously not achieved in the industry. 


In addition to the best quality tone and exotic woods used, we also source the absolute best quality hardware and fasteners to insure that your prized Wisdom Drums will sound and perform flawlessly whether in the studio or on a world tour concert stage, for many, many years.


When working with a player to create their perfect drum, it is important that we understand the tone and timber you would like, without reference to what you may have tested or owned from the mass produced drum industry in the past. We are different than the other companies and our products speak for themselves, uniquely.


If you communicate your tonal needs, we can recommend the proper combination of custom wood plies to make your drum beautiful, resonant and durable for many years to come.

We know how to make your custom built drums speak.



Our Mission


The Wisdom Drum brothers share a love for music, performing and a desire for a time gone by many years ago, when quality was the most important feature and never compromised to save a penny or a dollar.


Like the Native American Indians, we also share a deep respect for the earth and all it’s natural bounties.

Wisdom Drums are hand made in Pennsylvania, USA to exacting specifications and with the finest materials available. Just like purchasing a car in the 1960’s, we complete a build sheet for every custom drum order. This displays all the options available and their corresponding charges.


Aside from choosing the species of wood and size of each drum, we offer many options that include alternate plies for our shells and internal reinforcement hoops, die cast or stamped hoops in different finishes, multiple strainer packs, throw-offs and tension rod sets. 


You deserve the best and we will make it happen!



















     Tommy Ference playing Wisdom with Wizards of Winter                                 Tommy Ference playing with The Cherry Bombs

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